How Accurate is Genetic Testing During Pregnancy?

how accurate is genetic testing during pregnancy

Tests just come with the territory when you’re expecting. In addition to the standard tests, like ultrasounds and the glucose screening test, your doctor may recommend the Non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) to screen for common chromosomal abnormalities that may affect your developing baby.

In India, we are seeing a high prevalence of chromosomal disorders throughout the country – currently 1 baby in every 200 live births is born with a chromosomal abnormality. NIPT is a vital step in helping to reduce the number of cases diagnosed each year, and at MedGenome Claria we have combined accurate, non-invasive screening with personalized genetic counselling to bring expecting parents peace of mind.

However, you may be wondering just how accurate the Claria NIPT is, and if it is a beneficial option for you and your partner.

Over 99% Accurate

One of the most obvious benefits for parents expecting a new bundle of joy is just the accuracy of non-invasive prenatal screening. Due to recent advancements and new technologies in the field of genetics, our NIPT is more than 99% accurate in detecting the most common chromosomal conditions: Down syndrome, Patau syndrome and Edwards Syndrome.

These conditions can affect your baby’s mental and physical development. It is highly advantageous for parents to be able to find these conditions prior to birth, not only to give them time to understand the disorder and to prepare, but it also gives them time to make decisions that are right for their family.

More Pros of Genetic Testing During Pregnancy:

In addition to the accuracy of the test, there are a few additional benefits that make the Claria NIPT appealing for pregnant women and their partners.

No Risks

NIPT is completed with just a simple blood draw. Not only does that mean there are no risks to you or your developing baby, but it also means the test can be done quickly and with no downtime for recovery. Besides the discomfort from the needle, there are also no side effects to screening.

Expert Genetic Counselling

If you’re considering NIPT, we have expert genetic counsellors on hand to help answer all of your questions. They are available before, during and after your test to help you fully understand NIPT test process and to provide reassurance about the procedure.

Screening Vs Diagnostic Test

While non-invasive prenatal screening is highly accurate, it does not definitively determine if your baby will be born with a chromosomal condition. It does, however, provide parents with accurate results that can tell them the chance their baby will have a chromosomal disorder. Depending on the results of your NIPT, your doctor can help you decide if a diagnostic test, like the amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling, is the next step for you and your family. However, you should be aware that these invasive tests do come with a slight chance of miscarriage.

Genetic Testing Before Pregnancy: Carrier Screening

If you’re planning to get pregnant, you can actually screen for genetic conditions even before you conceive. Couples who are planning to start a family can get tested to find out if they “carry” any genetic abnormalities that could lead to their children developing a genetic condition.

If you and your partner both carry a genetic change for disorders like cystic fibrosis for example, there is a 25% chance your baby will born with the disease. You can find out exactly what your personal risks are with Carrier Screening.

For the moments that matter most in your life, you need clarity not advice. Trust the experts at MedGenomeClaria.

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