Expecting Parents FAQs

Is MedGenome Claria right for me?

MedGenome Claria is for women of any age and ethnicity who are at least 9 weeks pregnant.

Although the test can be requested by any expecting parent to reduce anxiety regarding the baby’s health, it becomes all the more important if you fall under the high-risk category.

However, the test is NOT meant for you, if:

  • You are carrying more than one baby (twins or triplets)
  • You’ve used a donor egg
  • You’ve received a bone marrow transplant

How does the test work?

During pregnancy, cell-free DNA from the fetus floats in the mother’s bloodstream. After a small maternal blood sample is taken, the test is performed by analyzing fetal DNA on genetic sequencing machines to check for chromosomal abnormalities.

Is the test a screening test or a diagnostic one? What’s the difference?

It is a screening test and not a diagnostic test. The test screens for chromosomal disorders and indicates the associated risk with very high accuracy. A prenatal diagnostic test such as Amniocentesis can confirm the existence of the disorder. However, diagnostic tests like Amniocentesis carry a risk of miscarriage.

How accurate is the test?

Greater than 99.84%. However, as NIPT is a screening test and not a diagnostic one, a positive test result does not necessarily mean that your baby is affected with that condition. False positives and false negatives may occur.

How can I get the test done?

You or your doctor may order the test. To order the MedGenome NIPT or learn more about it please click on the “Book Now” button at the top of the page, call us at 1800 103 7590 or SMS “CLARIA” to 56767

My sister stays in a remote village. How can she get the test done?

She may have a certified medical representative draw her blood sample and have the sample mailed to the MedGenome lab in Bangalore.

Is a blood sample required from the husband too?

No, it is not required. NIPT requires only the expecting mother’s blood sample to analyze the baby’s cell-free DNA.

How are the test results reported?

Your MedGenome Claria NIPT report provides you with a personalized risk assessment score which shows whether your baby is at a low-risk or high-risk of having a genetic disorder. There is a remote possibility that a test result comes out as inconclusive. If that happens, you may be asked to provide another sample.

When will I get my test results?

MedGenome will provide the NIPT results within 7-10 days.

What are the costs involved?

You may directly contact us through this website for the cost details

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