Want to Know all you can About Your Future Family?

Want to Know all you can About Your Future Family?

Genetic Testing

Take charge of your reproductive health with advanced genetic screening!

Planning a baby is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. You want to ensure that your baby is healthy and protected, but not knowing what the future holds for you can make it an unsettling experience.

The Claria Carrier Screening Test can now provide you with the best reassurance when planning a baby. The DNA screening test can help you determine if you or your partner carry certain genetic disorders, and understand your risk of passing these disorders to your child.

Pregnancy Screening Tests

Babies inherit genes from their parents that pass along some of the family traits such as eye and hair color, as well as other common physical characteristics. However, sometimes they also pass on genetic diseases to the baby, even if the parents don’t have any symptoms and appear healthy.

Screening makes it easy to see if you and your partner are both “carriers” of a genetic mutation before you conceive, giving you ample time and a wide range of options to move forward. Getting answers with prenatal screening help expecting women avoid diagnostic tests, like an amniocentesis, which has a slight risk of miscarriage and may be unnecessary depending on the NIPT results.

Screening Tests

A carrier is a person that has inherited a recessive variant gene for a genetic trait or variation, but does not display that trait or show symptoms of the disease. Carriers are usually healthy; however, they have a risk of passing on a genetic condition to their children.

If you and your partner are carriers of the same condition, like cystic fibrosis, there is a 25% or, one in four, chance your children will be born with the disease. Most genetic disorders stay hidden, but you could be a carrier and not know until your baby is born.

A hereditary disorder is a health problem that has been passed from parents to their babies through defective genes. Some of the most common hereditary disorders include Thalassemia, sickle cell disease, anemia, Tay-Sachs disease and muscular dystrophy.

Hereditary Disorders

If Only One Parent Is A Carrier

  • 25% chance of the baby being unaffected
  • 25% chance of the baby inheriting a disorder
  • 50% chance of the baby being a phenotypically normal heterozygous carrier

If Only One Parent Is A Carrier

  • 50% chance of the baby being a phenotypically normal heterozygous carrier

If Only One Parent Is A Carrier

  • 50% chance of the baby being a phenotypically normal heterozygous carrier
  • 50% chance of the baby being affected with a recessive disorder carrier

Carrier testing helps determine your carrier status, and is an important step of the family planning process.

The test is mandatory in the following cases due to the RISK factor being high:

  • Couples who are related genetically, or have a family history of genetic disorders, chromosomal conditions, or birth defects.
  • Couples who already have a child with a genetic disorder, suffer from existing chronic conditions themselves or have a history of infertility or pregnancy loss.
  • People from an ethnic group or a community with a high carrier rate of certain genetic disorders

If any of the above risk factors apply to you or your partner, consult with your doctor about the Carrier Screening Test. The subject of genetic diseases and testing options may not come up during conversations with your physician, unless you mention it.

Genetic Diagnosis for Couple

You and your partner can get tested in the following situations:

  • The best time is while you are considering or planning a baby
  • Before an IVF procedure
  • Before a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (embryo selection)
  • Before the use of a non-carrier sperm and/or oocyte
Screening Test for Couple

Finding out about your risks will help you and your partner take steps and prepare for the future accordingly.

Finding out before your pregnancy, or in the early stages, that you both carry variations in the same gene, you will have more time to prepare, consult with your doctor and consider all the options – allowing you making the right choices for your family.

What Does The Claria Carrier Screening Test Look For?

Some inherited diseases in India are unique to the country, and are only found in rare instances and in specific communities. These diseases include cleft lip and cleft palate; heart, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and limb defects; and multiple anomaly syndromes.

Based on the superior NGS technology, the Claria Screening Test offers high detection rates and accurately identifies over 2000 inherited disorders that could affect your future family. The Claria screening test provides you and your partner with all the information needed about your genetic health while planning for a baby.

The Claria Screening Test was developed using extensive data of Indian population genetic variations, therefore enabling identification of inherited disorders that are very specific to Indians.

The Medgenome Claria Carrier Testing Process

Ask your Doctor
Know and discuss your family history with your doctor to see if you are a candidate for the MedGenome Claria screening test.
Quick & Simple Blood Draw
A small blood sample is collected from the couples arms. The sample can be collected .at a certified lab, or from the convenience of your home.
Recieve Your Personalized Results
MedGenome is the only company that performs the entire testing and reporting process within India. You will recieve you personalize report within 4-6 weeks.
Review Your Test Results
Your physican will give you a detailed analysis of the report to help you understand your results better.
We are Here for You
If you need any further guidance with your report, you can call us and we will ensure that one of our genetic counselors gets in touch with you.
Free Genetic Test Consultation

Call our toll-free number 1800-103-3691 and schedule a free appointment with our expert genetic counselors to help you understand the importance of carrier screening and to locate the sample collection center nearest you.

What are our Carrier
Genetic Testing Options ?

With three different panels available, the MedGenome Claria Carrier Screening Test provides the option of selecting the version that is best suited to your individual needs.

Test for 100 Genes

Silver Test Screens
include the most
common inherited

Test for 500 Genes

The Gold Test
includes common
as well as rare

Test for 2000 Genes

The Platinum Test screens includes most of the known autosomal recessive and X-linked recessive disorders

A physician or a genetic counsellor will be the right person to guide you through the testing options. They can help you consider important factors like the family history of you and your partner, medical records, background risk and other relevant details. They can also help determine if diagnostic testing is necessary depending on your NIPT results.

Benefits of the Claria Carrier Test

Superior NGS technology boasts high detection rates

Determine the risk for having a baby with a recessive disorder with greater accuracy

Three test options available to meet everyone’s needs

Free, expert counseling from certified genetic specialist to help you and your partner understand test results and options

Quicker turnaround time – 4 weeks for the Silver and Gold Test, and 6 weeks for the Platinum Test

How can a Couple Sign Up for the Claria Carrier Test?

The best way for a couple to get screened with the Claria Carrier Test is to discuss it with your doctor. MedGenome Claria also offers free expert genetic counselling by certified experts to all couples planning a baby.

When you start planning a family, you need clarity, not advice. Get all the answers to your genetic health questions today.

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