MedGenome in association with Natera cordially invites you to a webinar on:
“The Science and Significance behind Fetal Fraction measurement in NIPT”
Tuesday 29th January,
5 PM Onwards
Dear Doctor

Is your NIPT actually testing fetal DNA? What can cause the fetal fraction to be low, and how can you maximise the chances of a successful test?

The importance of measuring the fetal fraction (FF) has been highlighted by studies and by professional societies as an important quality measure linked to the accuracy of results, but not every NIPT test measures fetal fraction, and not all measure it in the same way.

This webinar will address questions about the reporting of NIPT results related to fetal fraction and look at how the SNP-method can distinguish maternal and fetal DNA allowing a clear mechanism for assessing the presence and amount of fetal DNA. Having a clear understanding of methods of measuring fetal fraction, causes and consequences of low fetal fraction and how to minimise the chances of avoidable causes of low fetal fraction results can all help you to get the most out of your NIPT test.

Dr. Samantha Leonard
International Medical Director of Natera
Dr. Leonard is a trained geneticist and has worked extensively in clinical genetics through her career. She has vast experience in prenatal counselling and interpreting genetic test results. She was also involved in a European project focused on disease specific use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology when she was at INSERM, Toulouse.
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