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Planning a baby is exciting! Learning about your genetic health: Very important.

Want to Know all you can About Your Future Family?

Genetic Testing

Take charge of your reproductive health with advanced genetic screening!

Planning a baby is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. You want to ensure that your baby is healthy and protected, but not knowing what the future holds for you can make it an unsettling experience.

The Claria Carrier Screening Test can now provide you with the best reassurance when planning a baby. The DNA screening test can help you determine if you or your partner carry certain genetic disorders, and understand your risk of passing these disorders to your child.

Why is screening for genetic disorders important?

First of its kind: A comprehensive DNA screening test specifically designed for Indian couples






babies born with genetic disorders each year


20% TO 30%

of all infant deaths are due to genetic disorders

1 in 100

1 in 100

babies born with an inherited genetic disorder

The Claria Screening Test was developed using extensive data of Indian population genetic variations, therefore enabling identification of inherited disorders that are very specific to Indians.

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What are the Claria
Carrier Testing Options ?

With three different panels available, the MedGenome Claria Carrier Screening Test provides the option of selecting the version that is best suited to your individual needs.
Flexible payment options available

Rs 25,000
per couple test for 100 Genes

Silver Test Screens
include the most
common inherited

Rs 45,000
per couple test for 500 Genes

The Gold Test
includes common
as well as rare

Rs 70,000
per couple test for 2000 Genes

The Platinum Test screens includes most of the known autosomal recessive and X-linked recessive disorders

Our expert genetic counsellors can guide you through the various testing options. They can help you consider important factors like the family history of you and your partner, medical records, background risk and other relevant details.

How can a Couple Sign Up for the Claria Carrier Test?

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