Expect more zzzzs when you’re expecting

Here are a few ways to get better rest while you’re expecting

Congratulations! You’re pregnant, and your journey to parenthood has begun. It’s going to be a fantastic time, full of love, surprises and learning for you and your partner. Your body is going to go through many changes, all to prepare for a healthy, happy little one, and you will be amazed at how nature has anticipated and provided for things you wouldn’t have thought of.
A vital part of your well-being during the next nine months is sleep – tired nature’s sweet restorer. You must ensure that you get a minimum of eight hours rest every day, so that not only does your body rejuvenate, but you also give it adequate rest.

Say bye to caffeine

You’re already shaking your head aren’t you? We get it – your cuppa joe is probably your succour in times of stress – but it could also be harming your sleep patterns. Try cutting down on how many cups of coffee, tea or soda you drink – especially after three or four in the afternoon. Sadly, even chocolate has varying amounts of caffeine – so cut down on how much you eat after a certain time. We’d ideally recommend you switch to decaf or milk or herbal teas – but take baby steps, no pun intended.

A snack in time saves you throwing up

That old cliché of pregnant women craving a snack at night apart, it’s actually a healthy habit to have a snack before you sleep. For one, it keeps your sugar levels stable at night, and two, it prevents your stomach from becoming completely empty if you suffer from morning sickness. Nuts, smoothies and protein snacks are ideal as they’re also healthy.

Get the right sleep props

If you’re the kind of person who loves pillows, then this is your time to go nuts. Pregancy puts certain kinds of strains on your body, and using firm pillows, body pillows, cushions and even rolls to prop up the parts that ache is a great idea. A firm pillow that props up your head and upper body takes the pressure off your diaphragm, letting you breathe easier. Rolls alleviate leg pain, and full body pillows help you sleep on your side and avoid back pain too.

Get cool

Even for non pregnant adults, medical advice recommends that when you sleep, you adjust the temperatures to slightly lower than is comfortable. When you’re pregnant, your body temperatures are naturally higher, and might make it difficult to drop off. Take a cooling bath, replace your heavier bed linen or adjust the air conditioning so it makes the room cooler while you’re dropping off.

Unplug to get sleepy

They might be smart devices, but they keep us awake longer. The blue light from most devices means that your body doesn’t realise it’s time to go to bed. Turn off televisions, tablets, smartphones and lights at least half an hour to an hour before bedtime. If you have continued trouble sleeping, try avoiding newspapers, books or external stimulation. Try a meditation routine or breathing exercises to help you get calmer and sleep better.

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