Important Things About Your Pregnancy the Internet Won’t Tell You


With the internet being so easily accessible, expecting parents are constantly scanning the depths of the internet for all kinds of information- from advice on nutrition to baby names. While it is a good idea to gather information, it is a better idea to discuss the serious aspects of your pregnancy with your doctor. Here are a few important things the internet can’t provide clear answers to.

How to ease troublesome pregnancy symptoms

The lowdown: The symptoms of pregnancy can often overshadow the excitement of having a baby. There are countless remedies on the internet to help counter bothersome pregnancy symptoms, and although Google is a handy tool, it is not a doctor. You should be careful not to self-diagnose any medicine. If your symptoms are severe, it’s best to report it to your gynaecologist.

Your baby’s genetic health

The lowdown: The internet might give you statistics on birth defects, and even tell you factors that might put you at a greater risk. But the internet can provide no answers to how your baby is actually doing. To get this information, you can consult your gynaecologist, and take a Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening Test (NIPT). You can take it from 9 weeks into your pregnancy, and it is safe for both your baby and you.

What you should be eating

The lowdown: There is a huge amount of information on the Internet (to add to the advice you get from your friends and family) about which foods are harmful for your baby. While some of the advice is partially correct, most information about nutrition on the internet is not regulated and has no logical backing. Your doctor will be able to provide more accurate information based on your personal health history, so make sure always have the last word.

What your delivery will be like

The lowdown: While it may be tempting to turn to the internet to watch videos and read stories about people’s bad experiences, they’re more likely to induce anxiety and horror than anything else. You need to understand that most people share their sad stories on the internet as part of their healing process, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen to you. For questions like these, it’s best to stay calm, and stay off the internet, as it cannot help predict your pregnancy.

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